Empty is a photography project created to shed light on child loss and pull back the curtain on what that grief might feel and look like. The goal for this project is to create recognition for the face of child loss and to build a community of families that can grieve together and find unity in emptiness.

Child loss can mean many different things to different people. Miscarriage, stillbirth, infertility, adoption, adult child loss, divorce, abortion, etc. The pain is there. It’s real, and it hurts. But how often is it talked about? Why don’t we talk about the loss?

After losing my son in March of 2017, I felt alone in my grieving. I thought that no one could understand what it was like losing a child. It seemed like all of the newfound hopes and dreams I had died right along with my son’s little body. The emptiness was heavy.

Hoping to create a dialogue, I started the Empty Photo Project. I want to approach child loss head on. I want to give it a face and show the community that those who’ve lost children are all around us, often without our knowing. It’s real. Let’s not shy away from talking about it.

Every portrait is taken in a location that has significant meaning to each story. The individual in the image holds a mirror, thereafter manipulated in Photoshop, to represent the emptiness and grief they feel after losing one or more children. The participants are then asked to describe in 200-400 words what their “empty” looks like and what it means personally.

Loved ones losing a child or children happens often, more so than one might think. Please, take a long look at the images in each post. Familiarize yourself with their unique expression of grief. Let’s learn to love those who have lost a child. Let’s learn what to say. Now there’s no excuse; this is what it looks like.