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by Fitno Khaizan

A Place for Photographers

Since its establishment early in 2008, emptyphotoproject.com has become a resource for photography education, wisdom and – most importantly – inspiration. It is a site catered to hobbyists, enthusiasts and semi-professional photographers with all levels of skill and all types of equipment. We strive to educate through our own mistakes and learn from your triumphs and experiences. Reader interaction and contribution is encouraged and coveted. After all, we’re here for you, but you are our foundation as well.

A History of Learning

Truth be told, emptyphotoproject.com originally started as a typical blog where I, creator and webmaster D. Travis North, would do what bloggers do: Ramble and share thoughts and my works. As the blog gained readership, it evolved into an instructional and inspirational magazine. The original site did not allow comments and interaction with the readership.

But we learn from our mistakes – just as any artist should – and we realized that our readers often know more than we do about a specific topic. Since then, we have made every effort to create new ways for our readers to get involved – not just through comments, but through the creation and integration of our Flickr group, emptyphotoproject.com

The group allows members to share their works as well as to be inspired. We regularly feature our members works right here on the site.

Each and every day, we continue to learn what we can about our readers and we will continue to expand our services and features to meet your needs. We are always open to ideas, so if you have any thoughts or ideas that would benefit the community, please feel free to share your thoughts.