Your loss story. 

Every child loss story is different. The circumstances. The thoughts. The emotions. Something that doesn't change is the emptiness; the loss itself. Loss is loss. And I want you to know that you're not alone in your loss. Each image in the Empty Photo Project is accompanied by a story. But the story has to have some structure to be cohesive with the series. I hope you can dig deep. Reflect on the emotions you have felt through your loss. Write it down and show the world that loss isn't pretty.


200-400 word story, letter, poem or prompt, of what empty or child loss means to you. 

That's it. 

I don't want to stipulate what that means for you because like I said all loss stories are different. Your loss could point you to despair, joy, new beginnings, confusion, hope... etc. The list is endless. I'm open to you writing in any format you would like. 

All I ask in this writing process is that you be open and honest. Don't shy away from the ugly. Keep it simple and all stories are worth sharing. 

After you are done writing, you can email your prompt to me at 

(I go over all writings to ensure that there are no grammatical errors before they are published.)